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Research Software

ARCHER2 provides a number of research software packages as centrally supported packages. Many of these packages are free to use, but others require a license (which you, or your research group, need to supply).

This section also contains information on research software contributed and/or supported by third parties (marked with a * in the list below).

For centrally supported packages, the version available will usually be the current stable release, to include major releases and significant updates. We will usually not maintain older versions and versions no longer supported by the developers of the package.

The following sections provide details on access to each of the centrally installed packages (software that is not part of the fully-supported software stack are marked with *):

Not on the list?

If the software you are interested in is not in the above list, we may still be able to help you install your own version, either individually, or as a project. Please contact the Service Desk.