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AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (AOCL)

AMD Optimizing CPU Libraries (AOCL) are a set of numerical libraries optimized for AMD “Zen”-based processors, including EPYC, Ryzen Threadripper PRO, and Ryzen.

AOCL is comprised of eight libraries: - BLIS (BLAS Library) - libFLAME (LAPACK) - AMD-FFTW - LibM (AMD Core Math Library) - ScaLAPACK - AMD Random Number Generator (RNG) - AMD Secure RNG - AOCL-Sparse


The cray-libsci module is loaded by default for all users and this module also contains definitions of BLAS, LAPACK and ScaLAPACK routines that conflict with those in AOCL. The aocl module automatically unloads cray-libsci.

Compiling with AOCL


AOCL is currently unavailable for the Cray programming environments (PrgEnv-cray). This is untested and currently unsupported on ARCHER2.

GNU Programming Environment

module load PrgEnv-gnu
module load aocl

AOCC Programming Environment

AOCL-3.1 is only available with aocc/3.0.0.

module load PrgEnv-aocc
module swap aocc/ aocc/3.0.0
module load aocl


For more information on AOCL, please see:

Version history..

  • aocl/3.1 installed April 2022
  • aocl/4.0 installed March 2023