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Trilinos is a large collection of packages with software components that can be used for scientific and engineering problems. Most of the package are released under a BSD license (and some under LGPL).

Compiling and linking against Trilinos

  • module load trilinos

Applications may be built against the module version of Trilinos by using the using the compiler wrappers CC or ftn in the normal way. The appropriate include files and library paths will be inserted automatically. Trilinos is build with OpenPM enabled.

The trilinos module defines the environment variable TRILINOS_DIR as the root of the installation for the current programming environment.

Trilinos also provides a small number of stand-alone executables which are available via the standard PATH mechanism while the module is loaded.

Version history

  • Module trilinos/12.18.1 recompiled May 2023 (PE 22.12)

Note that Trilinos is not currently available for PrgEnv-aocc.

  • Module trilinos/12.18.1 installed October 2021 (PE 21.04)

If using AMD compilers, module version aocc/3.0.0 is required.

  • module trilinos/12.18.1 installed January 2021

Known issue

Trilinos is not available in PrgEnv-aocc at the moment.

Known issue

The ForTrilinos package is not available in this version.

Packages enabled are: Amesos, Amesos2, Anasazi, AztecOO Belos Epetra EpretExt FEI Galeri GlobiPack Ifpack Ifpack2 Intrepid Isorropia Kokkos Komplex Mesquite ML Moertel MueLu NOX OptiPack Pamgen Phalanx Piro Pliris ROL RTOp Rythmos Sacado Shards ShyLU STK STKSearch STKTopology STKUtil Stratimikos Teko Teuchos Thyra Tpetra TrilinosCouplings Triutils Xpetra Zoltan Zoltan2

Compiling Trilinos

A script which has details of the relevant configuration options for Trilinos is available at the ARCHER2 Github repository. The script will build a static-only version of the libraries.

$ git clone
$ cd pe-scripts
$ git checkout modules-2022-12
$ ...
$ ./sh/ --prefix=/path/to/install/location
where --prefix sets the installation location. The ellipsis ... is standing for the dependencies used to build Trilinos, which here are: metis, parmetis, superlu, superlu-dist, scotch, mumps, glm, boost. These packages should be built as described in their corresponding pages linked in the menu on the left.

See the ARCHER2 Github repository for further details.

Note that Trilinos may take up to one hour to compile on its own, and so the compilation is best performed as a batch job.