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OpenGL Mathemetics (GLM) is a header-only C++ library which performs operations typically encountered in graphics applications, but can also be relevant to scientific applications. GLM is freely available under an MIT license.

Compiling with GLM

  • module load glm

The compiler wrapper CC will automatically location the required include directory when the module is loaded.

The glm module also defines the environment variable GLM_DIR which carries the root of the installation, if needed.

Version history

  • Module glm/ installed October 2021 (PE 21.04)
  • Module glm/ installed January 2021

Install your own version

One can follow the instructions used to install the current version on ARCHER2 via the ARCHER2 Github repository:

$ git clone
$ cd pe-scripts
$ git checkout modules-2021-10
$ ./sh/ --prefix=/path/to/install/location
where the --prefix option sets the install location. See the ARCHER2 Github repository for further details.


The GLM Github repository.