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Data Analysis and Tools

This section provides information on each of the centrally installed data analysis software and other software tools.

The tools currently available in this section are (software that is installed or maintained by third-parties rather than the ARCHER2 service are marked with *):

  • AMD μProf: Profiling tools provided by AMD
  • Linaro Forge: Provides debugging and profiling tools for MPI parallel applications, and OpenMP or pthreads mutli-threaded applications (and also hydrid MPI/OpenMP)
  • Darshan: Lightweight IO characterisation and profiling tool
  • Energy Counters: MPI-based library for reading energy counters
  • Globus: Data transfer tool
  • Julia(*): The julia language
  • ParaView: A data visualisation and analysis package
  • R: The R statistical language
  • VisiData: An interactive multitool for tabular data
  • VMD: A visualisation and analysis program for Molecular Dynamics