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The Arnoldi Package (ARPACK) was designed to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of large sparse matrices. Originally from Rice University, an open source version (ARPACK-NG) is available under a BSD license and is made available here.

Compiling and linking with ARPACK

  • module load arpack-ng

To compile an application against the ARPACK-NG libraries, load the arpack-ng module and use the compiler wrappers cc, CC, and ftn in the usual way.

The arpack-ng module defines ARPACK_NG_DIR which locates the root of the installation for the current programming environment.

Version history

  • The central module version is under review, and not available. Please consider using the instructions below to install your own version.
  • Module arpack-ng/3.8.0 installed October 2021 (PE 21.04)
  • Not available

Compiling your own version

The current supported version of MUMPS on Archer2 can be compiled using a script available from the Archer githug repository.

$ git clone
$ cd pe-scripts
$ git checkout modules-2022-12
$ ./sh/ --prefix=/path/to/install/location
where the --prefix specifies a suitable location. See the Archer2 github repository for further options and details. Note that the build process runs the tests, for which an salloc allocation is required to allow the parallel tests to run correctly.


ARPACK-NG github site