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Nektar++ is a tensor product based finite element package designed to allow one to construct efficient classical low polynomial order h-type solvers (where h is the size of the finite element) as well as higher p-order piecewise polynomial order solvers.

The Nektar++ framework comes with a number of solvers and also allows one to construct a variety of new solvers. Users can therefore use Nektar++ just to run simulations, or to extend and/or develop new functionality.

Using Nektar++ on ARCHER2


Nektar++ is not yet available on ARCHER2.

Nektar++ is released under an MIT license and is available to all users on ARCHER2.

Where can I get help?

Specific issues with Nektar++ itself might be submitted to the issue tracker at the Nektar++ gitlab repository (see link above). More general questions might also be directed to the Nektar-users mailing list Issues specific to the use or behaviour of Netkar++ on ARCHER2 should be sent to the Service Desk.

Running parallel Nektar++ jobs


We will add information about running Nektar++ and example job submission scripts once the software is available.